• Feb26
  • Age Without Borders Virtual Summit

    Dr. Roger will join more than 40 presenters during the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit (Feb. 26-March 4). Topics include health, finance, technology, personal growth and more.

  • Feb17
  • Fireside Conversations: What I Learned Spreading Garden Mulch

    In this issue of Dr. Roger’s Fireside Conversations, discover new opportunities to practice mindfulness and how nature can help. READ MORE

  • Feb15
  • The Music of Our Lives

    Dr. Roger shares how we are the conductors of our lives, and what it takes to age successfully in his guest blog post for The Birches’ series on successful aging. READ MORE 

  • Feb13
  • Dr. Leslie Show Encore

    CLICK HERE to tune into a replay of Dr. Roger’s interview with Dr. Leslie, where they discuss neuroplasticity and brain health.

  • Feb07
  • Fireside Conversations: You Have a Choice!

    Did you know that you have a choice about how you age? In this issue of Dr. Roger’s Fireside Conversations, find out how you can choose your aging experience. CLICK HERE to read.

  • Feb02
  • The Wonder of Childhood

    Dr. Roger was featured in Life Lived Forward. Learn why “acting your age” is not always the best idea! CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jan27
  • Fireside Conversations: Debbie Downers

    In this issue of Dr. Roger’s Fireside Conversations, learn what to do about the Debbie Downers in your life, and why seeking out positive people is good for your health! CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jan06
  • Fireside Conversations: Change

    Why are New Year’s resolutions so tough to keep? Find out why change is hard, and what you can do about it, in this issue of Dr. Roger’s Fireside Conversations. CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jan03
  • Life Lived Forward

    Dr. Roger was featured on Life Lived Forward for his article, “Serving Others.” CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jan02
  • To Your Good Health Radio

    Listen to Dr. Roger’s interview on To Your Good Health Radio. CLICK HERE to tune in.