• Aug02
  • Lady of the Cape Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents at Lady of the Cape (Brewster, MA). Call for more info: 508-385-3252.

  • Jul21
  • “Award-winning Author Headlines Celebrate COAW Event”

    Dr. Roger was recently featured in the Denver Post following his presentation at the COAW event. CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jul21
  • To Your Good Health Radio

    Dr. Roger talks with host Dr. David Friedman about Live Long, Die Short and how to achieve authentic health. CLICK HERE to tune in.

  • Jul20
  • COAW Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents at the Consortium for Older Adult Wellness (Lakewood, CO) at 5 p.m.

  • Jul20
  • What Does Authentic Health Look Like to You?

    Dr. Roger shares what it means to live an authentically healthy life in this article posted in Life Lived Forward. CLICK HERE to read.

  • Jul13
  • Fox Hill Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents at Fox Hill (Bethesda, MD) at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Book signing to follow each presentation.

  • Jul11
  • Fireside Conversations: We Are the Architects of Our Brains

    In this week’s Fireside Conversations, Dr. Roger shares how we are the architects of our brains. READ MORE

  • Jun30
  • “So, What Do YOU Do?”

    In this week’s Fireside Conversations, Dr. Roger discusses meaning and purpose after retirement. READ MORE 

  • Jun22
  • We Are All Connected

    READ MORE about Dr. Roger’s recent interaction with a Gold Star mother at Masterpiece Living’s annual Lyceum.

  • Jun20
  • Falmouth Public Library Presentation

    Dr. Roger Landry presents at Falmouth Public Library (Falmouth, MA) at 7 p.m. Book signing to follow.