Dr. Roger’s book,

Live Long, Die Short

gives us a deeper understanding of what it takes to be authentically healthy, of the profound negative effects of modern day stress, and our need to nurture all aspects of our magnificent human nature.

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Dr. Roger is currently traveling the country spreading the good news about what is possible with aging and presenting important life lessons from his book, Live Long, Die Short. In Live Long, Die Short, Dr. Roger gives the reader an opportunity to take a snapshot of his or her own current lifestyle and provides feedback which can guide the reader to what he calls “authentic health” or the “state of the state of genuine vitality consistent with our human origins and individual nature.” Authentic health gives us resilience and strength that is achieved by paying special attention to components that make us human. By remaining socially, spiritually, physically and intellectually engaged with life we experience authentic health. CLICK HERE to see what others are saying about Dr. Roger’s presentations. 

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  • Aug05
  • How to Survive a Pandemic Without Injuring Your Spouse (and other tips for developing patience)

    This special Dr. Roger & Friends episode is a short compilation of Facebook LIVE videos shared in April and May during the pandemic as part of the “We’re All in This Together” series, but are still relevant today. In this episode, the team discusses how to maintain healthy relationships with quarantine mates and practicing patience when venturing out into the wild world. CLICK HERE to tune in.

  • Jul31
  • Relationship Manuals and Setting Healthy Boundaries

    In this special episode, Bright Side co-host, Teresa Beshwate, defines relationships from a coaching perspective, explores setting healthy physical and emotional boundaries, and how we unknowingly create rule books for the people we care about. Teresa shares tips for stepping into our power and taking control of our thoughts and emotional responses. CLICK HERE to tune in.

  • Jul24
  • Brilliant Aging with Kay Van Norman

    Kay Van Norman is an internationally known healthy aging expert. She is the president and founder of Brilliant Aging. She has directed the Keiser Institute on Aging, serves on international boards, speaks and consults around the world, and has an extensive list of publications, including two books and scores of journal articles. Kay is living her purpose and passion as a lifelong dancer and backcountry horsewoman. In this Dr. Roger & Friends episode, Kay discusses resilience during Covid-19, tapping into the human capital of the older population, and developing a personal vitality portfolio for transforming intention into action. CLICK HERE to tune in.

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