• Mar16
  • Live Long, Die Short Official Summary

    The Official Summary of Live Long, Die Short is here. This summary is a pocket guide with key research and concepts from Live Long, Die Short … a great quick reference guide for you and to share with friends interested in learning more about successful aging. BUY THE BOOK

  • Mar07
  • The Warrior Within Us

    While we can’t make ourselves invincible against disease or injury, we can go a long way toward lowering our risks. READ MORE in Dr. Roger’s article, “The Warrior Within Us.”

  • Mar06
  • Which Way Is Life?

    Host Bill Klaproth interviews Dr. Roger on finding purpose, adopting a Kaizen approach to change, and the benefits of taking a personal lifestyle inventory. LISTEN 

  • Mar06
  • The Goal: “Die Young as Late as Possible”

    Reporter Jared Green shares takeaways from Dr. Roger’s keynote at the Environments for Aging (EFA) conference in Las Vegas. READ MORE

  • Mar05
  • Fireside Conversations: Sleep is Non-Negotiable!

    Did you know that an estimated 40% of the people in the US alone are not getting enough sleep? In this Fireside Conversations, learn why getting enough sleep needs to be non-negotiable! READ MORE

  • Mar02
  • The Colonnade Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents “Making Successful Changes” at The Colonnade (Surprise/Sun City Grand, AZ) at 12:15 p.m. Presentation includes a light lunch.

  • Mar02
  • Grandview Terrace Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents “Making Successful Changes” at Grandview Terrace (Sun City West, AZ) at 9:45 a.m. Presentation includes a continental breakfast.

  • Feb27
  • EFA Expo & Conference

    Dr. Roger will be giving the keynote for Environments for Aging (EFA) Expo & Conference (Las Vegas, NV). CLICK HERE for details.

  • Feb26
  • Age Without Borders Virtual Summit

    Dr. Roger will join more than 40 presenters during the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit (Feb. 26-March 4). Topics include health, finance, technology, personal growth and more.

  • Feb17
  • Fireside Conversations: What I Learned Spreading Garden Mulch

    In this issue of Dr. Roger’s Fireside Conversations, discover new opportunities to practice mindfulness and how nature can help. READ MORE