• Jul14
  • Not Old – Better

    Masterpiece Living President, Dr. Roger Landry, was recently featured on the Not Old – Better show with host Paul Vogelzang. CLICK HERE to tune in.

  • Jul13
  • The His/Her Pocket Guide to Relationships

    Dr. Roger teams up with a colleague for this unique “his/her” Huffington Post article on relationships. CLICK HERE to read “The Guy/Gal Pocket Guide to Relationships.”

  • Jul06
  • Puppy Power!

    In this week’s Fireside Conversations, Dr. Roger discusses the benefits of having dogs (and other animals) in our lives. CLICK HERE to read “Puppy Power!”

  • Jun29
  • Successful Aging Innovators Workshop

    Join Dr. Roger Landry, Dr. David Gobble and Teresa Beshwate for MPL’s Successful Aging Innovators Workshop in Chicago, June 29-30. CLICK HERE for details.

  • Jun24
  • It’s All in Your Attitude

    Live Long, Die Short: a Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging was recommended by ICAA CEO, Colin Milner in the article, “Successful Aging: It’s All in Your Attitude.” READ MORE 

  • Jun23
  • Zest Now Feature

    Zest Now recently featured an article by Dr. Roger, “Successful Aging: Your 5-Step Food Action Plan.” READ MORE 

  • Jun22
  • Blazing a Trail for Successful Aging

    Dr. Roger recently presented at Pierce College-Puyallup during their “Blazing a Trail for Successful Aging” event. Puyallup, WA has been designated an age-friendly city. READ MORE

  • Jun20
  • The Waterford Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents at The Waterford (Juno Beach, FL). Book signing to follow presentation. 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

  • Jun17
  • Having Children in Your Life

    In this Fireside Conversations, Dr. Roger discusses the importance of having children in your life – and how to do it, even if you live in a retirement community. READ MORE 

  • Jun13
  • Friendship Village Presentation

    Dr. Roger presents at Friendship Village of Bloomington (Bloomington, MN). Book signing to follow presentation. 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.